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Purpose empowers people to act in one way (support for an idea) or another (a purchase decision).

Because it connects people and brands with the same (real) cause or belief, creating long-lasting stories.

I believe that storytelling is dead.

I believe in storydoing: inspire stories, do not tell stories, “do stories”.

That's why stories,, exists. 

Each (real) story I dare to do - for an entrepreneur, a startup, an established brand or an agency - invites people to participate and sparks new and exciting ones, keeping the story alive.

Nice to

meet you

I'm Juliana, founder of stories,,

For two decades, I worked as a groundbreaking creative strategist at the most creative and award-winning advertising and marketing agencies around the world.

All over these years, I got out of bed every morning not just to make something, but to improve something as well.

I was among those crazy ones who believed that each story I dared to create through my job had to inspire a nation to change, making its people part of it. And more: inspiring them to continue it.

This is stories,, (my agency) and this is my story.

Does it inspire yours?

Because stories are capable of something very special: to influence human behaviour... for a simple reason: they give people a sense of purpose. 

And purpose is an incredibly powerful thing.

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